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My work process changed while I was on the Lumen Residency in Italy. I tried my hand at cyanotypes and pinhole camerawork. I also researched more and talked to residents of Atina about the local history. I became more interested in the process and less focused on the outcome.


I collated copies of photographic archives of the children 

from the asile (nursery) where we were staying. From the 

research I discovered that Saturn was the mythological ruler of 

Atina, which led me to Francisco Goya and his painting of Saturn devouring his son (here)


The library archivist gave me access to the basement which housed antiquities and models of Atina in the Middles Ages. I was struck by a market stall selling body parts, which in those days were sold as votives but in my twisted mind, I imagined them being sold for a tasty dinner.


I had been looking at Geoffrey Farmer's incredible, vast and 

overcrowded cut out installations or stage sets. I collaged a market 

stall out of the archived photographs and created Saturn's Supper, a 3D installation using nursery chairs from the asile.

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