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Mini Manifesto


Whatever  Next?...

Episode I

New studio to make a mess in.

Write & illustrate a graphic novel using collage.

Curation experience.

Be bold and approach artists:

Chase up assisting work.

Residencies galore!

Keep learning, be curious.

As many talks & PV's that I can squeeze in.

Reincarnate books from Poetry Shrine into new artwork.

Au revoir MFA Nest
You smacked me, then kissed me. Now it's time to part. 
True love never did
run smooth.

Episode II

Mini Manifesto


Un-guilty pleasures such as: 

Unearth buried social life.

Dancing socks off.

Swim in sea until prune-like.

Stop, smell the flowers & get pollen on beak.

Cycle willy-nilly in the sunshine.

Go to the cinema in daytime solo.

Learn to crochet.

More Shamanic Journeying. (become one?)

Noodle around with naughty nephews.

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