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Me, Myself & I


Wildwood & Weirdos

After seven weeks of head to the grindstone, I put on Wildwood & Weirdos Show at 

Southwark Studio's gallery. I curated it myself organically as I went and it was on for one day and one night.


I resurrected Into The Woods at Night installation in an immersive environment via a giant fairground-style gaping mouth. Tall handmade blackout drapes were made on my little sewing machine ​whilst my husband held the excess fabric behind me like a gothic bridesmaid. With additional limp phalluses, this made my audience ooh and aah. 


I did all the making, curating, installing and marketing. Fellow artist Jane Muir popped in for some moral support during installation and a bit of the old 'higher, lower'.


Although doing everything myself was a huge challenge, I was more than capable. In future I would buy more wine and twiglets! 

Entrance to the Wildwood
Tomfoolery at PV
Inks & collage
Skidaddle & Bruised
Object & Bruised
Creep & Other Creatures
Prince Charming & Collages
View of gallery
Invite to Wildwood & Weirdos
Inks & Fumage
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