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I create my own mythology of uncanny beings and magical tomfoolery using paint, clay, collage and plywood. Like a surgeon, scalpel in hand, I cut, slice, dismember and appropriate 

body parts from fashion magazines and National Geographics. Eyeballs, lips, feet and hands are combined with anthropomorphic shapes. I stick them onto visceral folds of paper fabric and lumps of paper stratum. The eyes hide and peep shyly. The mouths grimace and cackle, whilst the legs perform high kicks, quasi can-cans and saucy shamanic shuffles.

I am interested in bringing together the natural world and its ancient mysteries, with humble everyday objects. Discarded detritus become props. Enter stage left, shapeshifting 

oddballs, jostle and jive, expressing grand battements, jazz hands and individuality.

Thrown into the creative stew swirls a concoction of esoteric delicacies of natural highs, magic, dreams, dance, folklore and shamanic journeying. With the requisite steady but gentle philatelists’ hand and a wicked imagination; in goes a generous pinch of misfit here and a sprinkle of weirdo there. The potion gets a good old stir and the spell is cast!

Obscured outsiders and peek-a-boo eccentrics loom and reoccur. I search for the primal self and the other; an antidote to this fast-paced and overly connected, yet disconnected planet. I seek to transport and transform the viewer by presenting a snapshot of a surreal dream or uncanny ritual. I am the puppet-master of a dark yet absurd play. Come, take a seat and enjoy the ride!

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