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Shamanic Shapeshifting contd.

Cave Dweller's Proposal
Shaman's Baby
Shamanic Journeying
Poster '16

Organising cut-outs into shades of the same hueKnitted chap shuffles behind a queue of 

other blue worshippers. The long armed denim zombie lurches forward, hoping for a honey monster cuddle from the goddess of the striped sacred cloth


Nomadic afro straw bail heads with stuck on gigantic eyeballs, wander aimlessly with overly long jellyfish tentacles or fleeing human maypoles. They drag their abandoned ribbons with shiny be-wellied feet.


Emerging from a candle-lit cave, a leafy and feathered troglodyte wrapped in a roughshod woollen blanket, makes his way towards a beautiful pencil-skirted Ms. Gemstone. He asks her out, but perturbed by his herbal look, she wiggles away at the rate of knots or as fast as her saucy skirt allows


Resplendent in multicoloured tribal garb and head gear, Ms.Third Eye is as sharp as a scalpel blade and brandishing feathers. The poor lowly human is flattened on the ground before her, pummelled and derailed from normality. In a hypnotic state she regresses to infancy, balling like a baby, she wants her mummy.


Spunky spermy gelatinous jelly wobble spirit hovers up and away from the ring of fire. Shaman shakes his magical feline maracas, whilst voodoo dancer summons the guff from her gut.

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