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Into The Forest...contd.

....They moved vertically like slow-mo elevators through baked crumbs of grit and grime. Finally standing to attention at 8 feet tall and cloaked in darkness, the moon blue-bathed the reborn treebrids.


Recycled bicycle boxes in hand, I made a giant cardboard woods. It was a scaled up version of a previous installation of Into The Forest...which in hindsight 

was a mere maquette for this cluster copse. The cutout cactus trees were painted 

chalkboard black, each bearing an inky face - perhaps the sort you might find in a dusty 

anthropological museum like the Horniman or Pitt Rivers, where shrunken heads and death masks abound. Or headgear depicting hybrids of humans, beasts and animals.


I was looking at Hew Locke's use of cardboard and the shadow installations of 

Christian Boltanski. I cloaked the space in darkness and low lit it for a creepy and 

nocturnal feel. Looming shadows were cast, creating an unnerving woodland. A kind of experiential, adult playground, overshadowing the viewer, shrinking them back into the size of a child

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