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Enrico David

Enrico David’s work is weird, wonderful, beguiling and strange. He works across many disciplines including painting, sculpture, drawing and installation. There is something of the psychological stage-set and more often than not, humorous and even absurd. It is this absurdity that makes you smile. The human figure is central to his work but these are no ordinary figures, rather mystical and fantastical.

David’s work is rooted in drawing and he frequently employs traditional craft techniques, which is then taken far away to another land of mystery and myth. His characters become abstracted alluding to transformation and metamorphosis. His figures fly, float, repeat, hug and bend over, forming cocoons and chrysalis-like forms. It is all deeply erotic, provocative and saucy. Bizarre bodies pile up together and multiply in amorphous hugs or gang-bangs. They shape-shift, collude and get jiggy with it. Although David's work is provocative, there is also a vulnerability, delicacy and lightness of touch.


His choice of materials confuse and confound. There is cast iron and resin that is then painted in a completely new patina. His work features large-scale cut outs and installations,  graphic paintings which are on occasion, more ethereal and nebulous. Sourcing his inspiration from craft, folk art and design and gay pornography and at times, suggesting an ancient civilisation or ritual. David's work ranges from 

small and intimate to ceiling skimming, where they hang and fly high up, hug the floor and lean against walls, creating an unusual landscape of beings who know not what they are. 

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