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Eat Me Tree Spirits

Park '15

Trees often feature in my practice. I am obsessed with them. I fell in love with the gnarly ancientoak tree in Cannizaro Park.


Using birdseed, suet and nuts, I created a trio of edible masks and a pair of cuttlefish eyes. 

The challenge was how to construct and install them within the hollow of the tree, in a non-invasive manner. This required a lot of testing out of ideas and planning with the metalwork department.


All creative ideas need to be produced in a practical and safe wayBoring but true. The poor birds were usurped by greedy squirrels. Could I have made it squirrel proof? Probably not.


From proposal to final install, ideas can change dramatically. On reflection, the eyes alone worked best, which tells me, sometimes simple can be more effective. Go the extra mile - making an eye catching proposal can land you the job!

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